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A message about the Choose Life Journal

from First Place Ministries’ Founder and President, Rolland Wright:

Welcome to the First Place Ministry online community, home of the Choose Life Journal, based on the acronym PRAYER. The journal I post daily is not a devotional, and is not meant to be used as a devotional. I post daily to provide you an example of how the Choose Life Journal system works. I am doing my study of the Word with you.

I developed Choose Life after a similar system that I participated in for over 15 years: an aggressive plan aimed at those who want to study the entire Bible yearly. It is a great fit for some, but not everyone is ready to commit an hour a day, and some people would get discouraged and drop out of class. The one size approach didn’t work well for everyone.  

So, I’m starting slower, one chapter per day, and adding a couple new elements: a music video that supports the scriptural theme, and a daily scriptural memory verse.  For those who want more, I will be developing levels so that people can choose the appropriate level to begin.  

I believe the anchor of my life is Jesus! And my daily Berean lifestyle begins with PRAYER, which leads me into a planned appointment, a first meeting of my day, with Jesus.  

The power of my plan is the “Action” statement you are asked to make every day! James tells us to be “doers of the Word.” Doing requires “action.” I discovered years ago, when I make an “Action” statement every day, I am compelled to “Do”, and we can always be a “doer who acts (James 1:25b).”  

I invite you to join me on this journey to develop a daily lifestyle of time in God’s Word.
When you get into the Word, the Word gets into you! 

First Place Ministries was founded for two reasons.

1. Develop a men’s discipleship ministry that utilizes the daily Choose Life Journaling lifestyle system and train men using current technology to build up men in the faith. . 

2. Minister to families with adult children from which they are disenfranchised.  Helping parents assume appropriate responsibility for the separation and fracture of relationship, build a Biblical hope about restoration and construct a process working towards reconciliation.

If you would like to donate to First Place Ministries, please click the button below to make a donation. All proceeds help to keep the ministry running. First Place Ministries is not a 501C3.